Lizette Abraham

Lizette Abraham is a Mexican artist that works with textiles to represent worlds between the oneiric, magical realism and social reflection. In her images, creates scenarios, designs characters, objects and landscapes. Her serie “Weaving deities” is inspired in mayan textile art from the highs of Chiapas, basing on the textile iconography of that place.

León Enriquez

León is a multidisciplinary artist and musicologist that works with different techniques of drawing like Chinese ink and acrylic. His serie “The 12 monsters” celebrates and critiques the monstrosity of humanity. The monsters eat the world. From the zombie to the planet eater, “The 12 monsters” rise from the mud to reach and eat the stars.

Alejandra Zermeño

Born in México City, December 21st, 1978. Alejandra Zermeño graduates as bachelor’s and master’s of visual arts in the Academy of San Carlos, UNAM with sculpture specialty and superior notes getting a Mention of Honor. The interest of the master Alejandra Zermeño has been, from her beginnings, the body exploration. Her prolific production has been present in more than fifty nationals and internationals collective biennales expositions: México, Spain, Germany, Japan, United States and Canada.Her sculptures also can be seen in public places of all Mexico thanks to the itinerant project Talkie (2016). In 2013, the master Alejandra Zermeño was specially invited to the Essarts Sculpture Congress, to carry out a public work in Montreal, Canada. Due to her outstanding career, has received several rewards and distinctions, among them: 1st International V Biennial Acquisition Reward of Contemporary Sacro Art, Japan (2011). National V Biennial Honor Mention of Visual Arts, Yucatán (2011). 1st Nacional Contest of Paint and Sculpture Women in Art (2009). Acquisition I Biennial of Contemporary Sacro Art Reward, Monterrey (2008). In 2007, Alejandra Zermeño was the winner of the Open Art Contest For All and for the 3th annual contest organized by the University Museum, Autonomous University Leopoldo Flores from State of México.

Darío Salzman

Born in México City, December 6th, 1973. Starts his professional education and training at the Artistic Initiation School of the Nacional Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), training that complements working in lettering workshops, modeling an jewelry at the same time. In 1996 starts his bachelor’s degree in Desing  at Desing Scool from the Nacional Institute of Fine Arts in México City and an illustration diplomat in the same institution. He has collaborated in different nationals and foreign advertising agencies, editorials, newspapers and magazines making illustrations, infographics and photo art. His illustrations has been exhibited in the National History Museum and are part of the Interactive Museum of Economy at México City. His work has been published in the National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), in Reforma newspaper, in the magazines: Expansión, Rolling Stone of México and Spain; La Mosca; Ambientes; Clase Premiere; Deep; Quo; Sputnik, among others. For several years he has focused his profession to the production of paintings and dreamlike figurative sculpture work, this work has been enriching with the background obtained through his exploration of Visual Arts. Individually, hi has three expositions: “Altered Cosmogonies” at the Village Museum of Guanajuato, 2018; “Chimeras of the city”, Talavera House, 2016, and “Desolation” at La Buena Estrella Gallery, 2014. Collectively, he has participated in almost twenty expositions. Darío Salzman was invited in 2016 to be part of Arts & Letters Council of the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, CA.

Gabriela Álvarez

México City, 1983. Architect and art historian from UNAM, her practice is focus on the conceptualization and presentation of projects at different media. Her collage work comes from the architecture, as the simple act of cut and paste becomes into a way of interpret the space.

Michele Bajona

Figurative contemporary artist, born in 1971 at Vicenza, Italy. Study architecture in Venice and initiate as an artist with the teacher of his native city, Otello de María. He specializes in watercolor with Frederic Wong at the Art Student League of New York. Has been an active member and professor at the Cercle Artistic S. Lluc in Barcelona. This artists has shown his work in collective an individual expositions, highlighting with the first reward to the best documentary film in the 54º Venice Art Biennale, Padiglione, Italy.  At present, he lives and works at México City.

Joui Turandot

Womb is a sanctuary within de city for the activation of ideas and experimental artistic projects. It’s a place dedicated to the connection and healing of the community through beauty. Most of the art that produces in Womb is experiential, musical, theatrical, performative.


How long is the event?

¡You’re not even feel the time! The tour lasts four – four and a half hours aprox., hours of infinite creativity where you’ll can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The tours start at 3:00 pm.

How do the tours work?

Is a super fun concept where you’ll can visit 4 different places whit the intention of see art from another perspective. Plus, this tour has drinks and snacks in each one of the locations, as well as a little explanation direct from the voice of the creative artists.

How to buy tickets?

¡Easy! Click here and get your tickets for the next tour.

What happened if I can’t make to the tour on time?

Don’t worry! We give you a contact number so we can be in touch with you.

Can I leave before the tour ends?

At rac your stay is voluntary, so don’t worry. It’s important that you consider that if you decide to end the tour, our transport can’t take you back.

How do the coupons work?

Each coupon has a value for $1,000 MX or the 10% off, depends of the total cost of the artwork. You can exchange it only for artworks up to a week after the event, coupons are not cumulative, just in case of a place allows it.

Is transport included?

¡Of course! It’s included with your ticket, so don’t worry. We have vans that will take you to every one of the places of the tour with a rac representative that is going to support you at the tour.

The tour is 100% safe?

¡Of course! We have all security measures to make your trip a safe and fun experience.

Until when can I make the coupon valid?

This is important, coupons re valid up to a week after the event.

Are there measures to prevent covid?

¡Yes! We make sure that each site has the necessary protocols to take care of every one of us.

If you have more questions, contact us and we will assist you instantly.


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