A very fun and unique experience in Mexico City.

(for art, tourism and experiences lovers)

A unique and fun artistic experience at México City

(for art, tourism and experiences lovers)

ruta de arte y cultura is a great option to discover the artistic side of Mexico City. Four different tours through workshops and studios were you’ll be able to appreciate and take art with you. Get to know the ideology of the artist by their own voice. A very fun and unique experience!

a new way to discover Mexico City

intimate and unique art studios

listen to the artist talk about their process and ideas

admire and take unique art with you

meet other art enthusiasts like you

Our tours

Recorre 4 lugares por ruta, junto a sus artistas.

Accede a sus talleres, casas, estudios, galerías, etc.

Obtén un cupón canjeable por obra de $1,000.

Incluye transporte seguro, bebidas y snacks.

Adquiere obras de arte únicas y de edición limitada.

Disfruta una experiencia exclusiva y divertida.

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Transportation included
We meet at the checkpoint and go visit the first place, our safe transport will take you to all the studios, and back to the checkpoint at the end of the tour.


4 studios in 4 hours
Workshops, studios or houses. These are unique art spots, not all of them are open publicly, you can only visit them with rac. Our tours last 4 hours.


Meet the artists
Awesome personalities and stories that you will find in their own setting. Talk with them about their ideas, processes, techniques, etc.


Hundreds of artworks
In each studio you’ll find artworks with different concepts, techniques and sizes, that you can even take home for free using your coupon.


A better experience
Admire our art, meet people, travel around Mexico City, were there´s drinks and snacks, you can meet the artists that can end in party. What other things can you ask for?

An artist always has something to express,
rac is a place where them can do it.


Each mind is a diverse world of creativity

A curatorship of contemporary artists, many of them have international recognition, that show their innate ability to translate ideas and concepts.


Use your coupon and take an artwork

Art creates a lot of unique and relatable connections, if you feel that the artwork connects with you, redeem your coupon with value of $1,000 mx and ¡take it home!


Roma – Condesa

Bohemian and paradigmatic streets of Mexico City
+ info

We venture into bohemian and paradigmatic streets of México City with a history worth of appreciate through their nomenclature and artistic concept that drives us into other worlds.


The heart of the city, an emblematic place of Latin America.
+ info

We enter at the heart of the city, an emblematic place of Latin America and one of the main and most important touristic centers where cultural treasures and artworks worth admiring are centered.  


One of the zones with more history, legends and culture of México City
+ info

We visit one of the zones with more history, legends and culture of Mexico City where each cobbled street shelters the oldest traditions of art and culture from artists with cosmovision.


Away from the hustle of the city with a village air
+ info

We take a break in a zone away from the hustle of the city that make us feel into a village, while we explore different artistic disciplines at workshops, houses and studios that give us tranquility and amenity, a tour that breaks with the everyday.


+20 unique places with tangible creativity

Galleries, workshops, studios, even exclusive houses of Mexico City to enter at the creative world of the artists and understand concepts from their voice.

what people say…

@fanycherrys / México City

“¡Love the tour! The ticket pays itself, is worth it, I make a lot of new friends, take amazing pieces and recommended to all my friends”

@conoceconmontse / México City

"The rac tour is a wonderful experience. It brings you closer to art and artists, you get to know closely how they work and make their pieces. Visit their workshops and houses is amazing. I personally loved it and ¡I recommend so much to live the experience! 🤩✨"

@heliovianna.art / México City

“As host artist, rac brings me very nice visitors and costumers interested in my creative process. And as attendee, takes me to know fellow artists, their places and join into this fantastic creative network. I highly recommend the experience that their offer”

@lizetteabrahamfotografia / México City

“rac is more than art and culture, is an alternative experience in México City, where you cannot only meet new artists and different interesting people, but it creates connections between public, the creator and art management. At rac we can know a hole new logic to support artists and places little known of the city. As an artist an manager, I recommend this project a lot, that is generated by creators to support other creators, that see together on the need to reinvent new structures of market and relationships in the face of the worn bubble of art”

@karlamuseos / México City

“Is a very different experience that what I imagine, it’s approach you to art and the artists, and literally get into their kitchen, a great way to get started in contemporary art and galleries that much of the time, as users, we do not fully understand. ¡I learn, have fun and make new friends, plus I’ve be able to take art home! Each tour is a unique experience. I highly recommend it.”

@mauricio_garciavaldez / México City

“I came to rac because of my interest in arts, I found the proposal interesting, beyond that, the experience exceeded my expectations. Know the artists and get the chance to talk with them about their artworks makes of this activities something very pleasurable. I really enjoy tour Tlalpán. I recommend it”

@ceciliacar / México City

I’ve the chance to assist a two rac’s and every experience has been unique and surprising. As an art amateur Is a great way to learn, meet artists and connect with amazing people. Thanks to rac I’ve made friends and a community.”

@la.araignee / México City

“It’s an amazing experience, full of pleasures and artistic knowledge with a super nice atmosphere, 100% recommended. If you’re an art lover, you’re gonna love it. Artist and attendee.”

NEXT evenT
rutacoyoacán - san ángel
JUNE 25, 2023

A tour for one of the zones with more history, legends and culture of Mexico City that shelters so much culture. The places on this tour have an exquisite variety of disciplines and artistic styles, it’s an unforgettable experience.



How long is the event?

¡You’re not even feel the time! The tour lasts four – four and a half hours aprox., hours of infinite creativity where you’ll can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. The tours start at 3:00 pm.

How do the tours work?

Is a super fun concept where you’ll can visit 4 different places whit the intention of see art from another perspective. Plus, this tour has drinks and snacks in each one of the locations, as well as a little explanation direct from the voice of the creative artists.

How to buy tickets?

¡Easy! Click here and get your tickets for the next tour.

What happened if I can’t make to the tour on time?

Don’t worry! We give you a contact number so we can be in touch with you.

Can I leave before the tour ends?

At rac your stay is voluntary, so don’t worry. It’s important that you consider that if you decide to end the tour, our transport can’t take you back.

How do the coupons work?

Each coupon has a value for $1,000 MX or the 10% off, depends of the total cost of the artwork. You can exchange it only for artworks up to a week after the event, coupons are not cumulative, just in case of a place allows it.

Is transport included?

¡Of course! It’s included with your ticket, so don’t worry. We have vans that will take you to every one of the places of the tour with a rac representative that is going to support you at the tour.

The tour is 100% safe?

¡Of course! We have all security measures to make your trip a safe and fun experience.

Until when can I make the coupon valid?

This is important, coupons re valid up to a week after the event.

Are there measures to prevent covid?

¡Yes! We make sure that each site has the necessary protocols to take care of every one of us.

If you have more questions, contact us and we will assist you instantly.


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